Meet Danielle

I’m a 45 year old transgender computer security incident responder.  I’ve been in Information Technology for 28 years and has spent the last 10 years in information security, primarily working in incident response, forensics, and eDiscovery.  My real specialties are in incident response & security analytics.  My favorite techniques are pulling data using common tools, cleaning with sed, awk, and grep and running the data through R, ElasticSearch, and other analytics tools.  I love finding new ways to use commonly collected data to find bad things going on in a network.  I’m well versed in C/C++, C#, Python, R, and several other programming languages.  I can sit down at an ASA, Juniper, Snort box, or just about any other piece of network equipment and make it dance.  I’ve been working with the linux kernel since the 0.99 days and have dabbled in device driver code for it.

Recently, I’ve started honing my skillset in malware reverse engineering.  I find this a fascinating subject as it lets me dust off my assembly skills and really get into the meat of evil executables.

I can be reached at danielleeveir@gmail.com, feel free to comment, criticize or other on my blogs and articles.

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